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  1. La Sportiva Trango Extreme Evo Light

    I wear the Trango S EVO GTX Boots which are very similar to the Extremes minus any insulation. Have worn them twice up Rainier. Have to wiggle my toes for 50% of the ascent to keep em warm. They feel light as a feather and are great on rock scrambles. If the Extremes where avaliable when I bought the S EVO's, I would have bought them instead.
  2. Yes, another easterner gonna climb Rainier

    First time I did the DC route, I was lead on the rope. We were half hour above the massive RMI group. Weather turned to sh*t so my partner and I turned around. Looking down the mountain we could tell something was wrong with the RMI group. Their headlights all stopped and just kept looking around. We climbed down and past them all....they were not in the bootpath we were (the one that followed the wands). They then got back on track and followed us in. Back at Muir my partner and I learned the guide on the front of the rope "got off track" and feel into a creavase taking a few clients with him. Everyone was OK. Second time I did the DC, we saw an RMI guide yelling at his rope team to hurry the fu*k up while pulling on the rope cuz the 3rd on rope was going slow......he was going slow cuz his gaiter was dragging behind his foot, he was tripping on it with each step. when he would try to fix it, the guide would yell and pull the rope again. RMI has a bad rap cuz of what others have seen and reported. But they do get you up there......even if they have to pull you up. My advise, be in great shape and hope your rope mates are also in great shape. And, keep your gaiters on!!
  3. My bibler ahwahnee survived a night in 70+mph winds. Trust it with my life for sure. The large door (I have the older one door model) is awesome in fair weather. I also like my ID MK1 for times when Im trying to lighten the load. Condinsation has never been a problem in either tent, and I always cook inside with a hanging stove.
  4. Pack, shoulder harness and hip belt are all size large. Comes with the Osprey Quiver for added storage. Used but in yery good condition. PM me for photos.
  5. Hikes near Tacoma?

    Used to live in Covington.....right off I-90.....close to lots of hikes. Now live in Tacoma......not so close to any hikes. My 60mi rt to Granite is now 100mi rt. Are there any good (hard) hikes somewhat close by?
  6. Hikes near Tacoma?

    Thanks guys. This, and the replies I got on NWHikers.net, was what I was looking for.
  7. Anyone have one they can part with? I'm gonna try my luck at a sewing project and need a compression sack to cut up. Needs to be at least 10" dia. With black top and bottom. Let me what you got and how much you want for it. Thanks.......
  8. I have the MK1 lite but would like to get my hands on the e-vent model. Looking to sell yours or know where I can find one?
  9. Sweeeeet! Gonna go check those rocks.....
  10. Dropped a Sierra Designs bag on the Emmons a few years ago......
  11. Moved to T-town a few months back. Looking for the best (fastest) way to get to the mountain from N. Tacoma. Both Paradise and Sunrise directions. Any help?
  12. Just got back from white river......that's the way I went. Just wasn't sure if there were any great shortcuts. Thanks
  13. Bought at FF to replace my Osprey Mutant belt. Fit pack fine just decided to keep the original. Nice split belt to really hug your hips. Paid $40 sell for $25. E-mail for photos. Size Medium
  14. OOOPS, Thanks. Size medium
  15. Used as a training pack lugging monster loads. Bomber pack. Size medium all around. Great condition. http://www.outdoorreview.com/cat/outdoor...14_2957crx.aspx
  16. WTB: sunglasses, gaiters, shell pants

    I have some no name glacier glasses. Used on two Mt. Rainier trips. In Perfect shape. $20 and there your's. Have photo's if interested.
  17. Cool Mt Rainier Video

    Try this link http://chris.pirillo.com/blog/_archives/2005/7/20/1053594.html Look for the circling Mt. Rainier link
  18. http://seattle.craigslist.org/spo/140307303.html Free shipping or pick up in Tacoma
  19. I got off my butt long enough to find some batteries......both radios, ear buds and mics work fine. These things are fun. Why am I selling them again??????
  20. Finding the ideal tent

    Bibler Ahwahnee. Mine has been through 70+MPH winds (winter Mt. Hood), heavy snow loads and 100+ Degree temps in the S. Cali deserts. Plenty of room for two and with the new 2 door model and vestible.....you could squeeze 3 in there. http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductD...vcat=REI_SEARCH
  21. Unsued, still rolled in plastic. $78 shipping included.
  22. Brand new, still wrapped in plastic. $80