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  1. St Helens attempt 24 Nov 01

    I'm guessing since your trip the road has been completely closed. Anyone know for sure?
  2. Mount Adams access for December

    I got an reply from the winter sport manager for the Mt. Adams Ranger District after asking the same thing and he said this: "Cold Springs Campground, where the South Climb starts is currently under 3meters of snow. No wheeled vehicular access is possible within 13 miles ofthe South Climb. Cold Springs Campground is accessible via snowmobile.The road access, when covered with snow is a steep, narrow side hill andshould only be attempted only by highly skilled snowmobile operators. TheSouth Climb is usually accessible via wheeled vehicle in late June." So there you have it.
  3. Pinnacle or Castle

    Anyone done the Standard Route up The Castle (via col east of peak) or Pinnacle Peak(south side)? I would like any info you could provide: snow condition, exposed rock, etc...Thanks
  4. Pyramid Peak?!?

    A friend and I were looking for a good climb and after digging through the beckey guide concluded Pyramid peak offered a fun approach and good climbing. The only things we were woried about were 1. If anyone had even been over emerald ridge in the past week (how hard is it to keep the trail?) 2. How good the snow conditions are. And 3. Whats the earliest time the gate at Longmire is open.Any info would be great.