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  1. Any of you freaks used these things? The plastic straps concern me, do the3y hold up well. I plan to abuse them should I look some where else? Thanks all.
  2. Smee

    Pissed Off!

    God bless Smee too
  3. Let me know when and were, this is exactly the kid of thing I was hopping for.
  4. I have no vertical Ice experience but would love to get some. Somebody out there has to know were I can go to get some guidance. If any one can help I'd be grateful. I'm in Salem but obviously willing to travel. [This message has been edited by Smee (edited 10-18-2001).]
  5. Smee

    Ice climbing

    Were can I learn to ice climb with out driving to Colorado. There must be place in Oregon,anyone know where that mite be?
  6. Smee

    Robot Cams

    All of you have been vary help full, thanks for the information.
  7. Smee

    Climbing in Salem

    Any one know of a place to climb without driving to Portland?
  8. Smee

    Robot Cams

    WS, If you don't get the e-mail I sent, I'd love to bye your cams. Will you take $250?
  9. Anyone have experience with Robot Cams? I'm looking to bye a set of cams and these are cheap, but are they crap? Does any one know where I can get some high quality cams for a reasonable price. ------------------
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