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  1. Crevasse rescue on Baker...

    Did the accident occur on the Coleman - Demming route? An earlier news report indicated that the accident happened as members of the party were ascending an ice cliff. For that matter, how is the Coleman - Demming route at this time?
  2. Kautz Glacier

    Current route info can be found here... http://www.nps.gov/mora/climb/climb_cd.htm
  3. Shuksan (Sulphide) on skis?

    Ok...thanks for the feedback. Evidently Kevin no longer works at the Ranger Station in Glacier. The Sedro-Wooley folks, as you indicated, had little positive to say about the Sulphide...lots of fresh snow. Only 3 of a total of 6 permits remain as well.
  4. Shuksan (Sulphide) on skis?

    Still heading up there this wkend? Any thoughts on snow stability?
  5. N Face Shuksan conditions?

    Weller...is that you? - SV