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  1. Trail Running

    Totally agree. My stomping grounds are in the Cougar Mountain trails. I run there about 3 times a week and it's never crowded. The distance and level of intensity is up to you. They have a pretty sweet map of the area at the entrance of both ends. Either at the Wilderness Trail side in Isaquah off of 900, or the Red Town Trail Head on the Newcastle side off of Lakemont Blvd. The Trail running guide to WA mentioned earlier, is also a "bust yo mothafuckin ass killer book" Later
  2. Alpental Parking Fee?

    Damn right philfort...No pass in winter, pass in summer. I'm up there for night skiing a couple times a week and no passes. If you want a special parking pass just mail me 50 bucks and I'll send you one in the mail. Special Park PassP.O. Box 6969Sucka, WA 96969
  3. Trad Rock Partners wanted

    Dude, Beacon is a cool ass place. I think if you want to get your feet wet at Beacon, hop on Free For All. .8 crack and cool as hell. Then if you feel cool check out WindSurfer, and all kinds of other cool shit in that area. There's not a lot of moderate stuff there so you'll be crankin hard shit in no time. Later
  4. Rope found in Index?

    Anyone want to buy an old beat up purple rope? I got it from some dude in Tacompton.
  5. MUST CLIMB!!!!!

    Looking for some cool ass people to crank with. About 4 years experience, lead up to .10s trad and sport. New to Seattle area and am stoked to check out all the areas up here. Already been climbing at Smith a bunch (partners in Portland) but getting to be too far of a drive. Need partners up here. Later Rob [This message has been edited by Rob Downs (edited 05-11-2001).]