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  1. Backcountry Gear for Sale

    MSR Denali Snowshoes $150, white (never used, they're the ones with that heel bail to elevate your foot when it's steep) Tracker Transciever $200, used a couple times two seasons ago. Selling this stuff because I need to buy rock gear. njhamsik@hotmail.com
  2. Left Cam on Forbidden

    Did anybody come across a #2 Camalot on the top of Forbidden Saturday morning (6/22)? Like a dumbfuck I forgot to clean it after unclipping on the way down. Must have been tired from staying up all night. I know it's bootie but if you found it I would REALLY appreciate you returning it to me. If you do it will bring you good ju-ju in the mountains for many years to come!
  3. For Sale-Big Poofy Down Coat

    Is this still available? Do you think this is suitable for a Denali parka in the May/June time period or would something warmer be needed?
  4. OneSport Everest boots for sale

    Have you sold these yet? Probably so, for such a great deal. If not, I'm interested. How is the fitting? I've heard you're only supposed to wear one pair of socks with these boots.
  5. Rainier in January./ Gibraltar Ledge

    Depending what type of climbers you'd like to join the team, I'd be interested. I've heard a lot of good things about that route and have never found anybody willing to do it at that time of year. I'm pretty fit now and have done Rainier once via the Emmons, but that was about six years ago. I've done some glacier climbing since then but the refresher you mentioned would be good. What kind of timeframe are you looking to do it it? 1-2 days? I agree w/ Mattp that a party of four would be best.