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  1. cape town s.africa

    anybody climbed here?
  2. may i crash

    local climber needs a place to crash for the month of may. will animal sit(this does not include other climbers) or house sit. will consider a sub-lease.contact kevin at omalley23@hotmail.com or respond to this message.
  3. dirtbaggin it!

    chello! what's happenin style, im in LA and i got to get out, but i need a alpine touring (skiing) package. looking for new or used gear. and ideas on where to buy new gear. later kellroy ps also looking for a megamint(SP)you know the one that looks like a t-pee.
  4. Free Ski Gear

    hay man! just do it under the table and forget about all that tax crap!
  5. protection

    my(climbing)friends are forged! the set of rigid friends sounds like it is the protection i need. ps zenolith-i can go as high as $80 for the whole set.
  6. protection

    greg, you are a "save"ior man thanks! whatcha got? and when can i scope it out? kevin
  7. protection

    chello folks, just starting to use protection! got any? i will buy it!finished with climbing want to unload your gear call kevin at 633-1979. ps i am interested in cams,hexs and (i am) nuts. please call or email kevin