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  1. I have the Crank Bros Acid 2 pedals on my Baron. They have been a great first clipless pedal for me. They have a large platform and I can ride my bike with flip flops if I want. I can also clip in a lot faster than my boyfriend can in his Shimanos and he's been riding bikes in a professional capacity for more than 10 years. And if I miss the first attempt on clipping in from a stoplight to get through an intersection, I can easily pedal through and just re-try on the other side.


    Haven't seen the Candys in person to compare the platform size.


    I'm actually almost ready to buy some lighter-weight Eggbeaters to replace the Acids (and will then likely move the Acids to my mountain bike).

  2. I have the Baron Nightingale (cross bike). I have yet to try commuting or touring with it but I did have Geoff build the frame so it can take a rack. But like he mentioned, I also haven't been able to bring myself to actually put one on it. I've been riding the bike a lot more lately because I'm training to do the STP, and I find that I don't generally use the drops when I'm going slow or around much traffic. (But otherwise, I'm really happy they are there.) I also had Geoff build mine with canti brakes in case I want to race. Coming from a full-suspension MTB with dual hydraulic Hayes, I have to say that the Pauls actually work pretty awesome. Hope to try it for a commute or two in the not-too-distant future but the thought of riding through Bellevue isn't very appealing.


    Loving my bike, though. :tup:

  3. The 9th annual SnowBash is coming right up...Friday, December 4! Please join us at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard and show your support for NWAC and avalanche safety in the Northwest. We'll have bluegrass with the Tallboys, plenty of good Northwest beer and a raffle full of items donated by our sponsors.


    When: Friday, December 4, 8:00 - 1:00


    Where: Tractor Tavern, 5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle


    How much: $25 donation supports NWAC


    Buy your discounted tickets here.


    See you all on the 4th!




    Alpinists Conrad Anker & Jimmy Chin Presents




    Deep in the Indian Himalaya, 22,000-foot Mount Meru presents the ultimate test to alpinists Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk. Aiming for a summit atop thousands of feet of sheer granite, their eighteen-day ascent is racked by storm and cold. Delving deep into their souls to find the will to continue, and relying on teamwork and trust, they survive the hardest climb of their careers.


  5. John,


    Perhaps this is why...taken from Backcountry.com


    "Gusseted underarms and articulated elbows won’t restrict motion when the Atom LT is under your hardshell, and the Scuba Hood fits under your climbing helmet for winter climbs."




    I don't think I've ever had a jacket where the hood actually fit over the helmet. That would definitely add to the warmth factor.

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