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  1. La Sportiva TRANGO CUBE GTX 42.5, in box i only tried these on, but never used them...trip cancelled. $200, paypal or venmo PM me or email at RJNakata (art) aol (dart) com
  2. FS: CHARLOT MOSER Super 12 CRAMPONS with Antibot S12 Super 12 CRAMPONS with quick fit heel (requires crampon compatible boots) and front strap system. Also included is CM yellow rubber anti balling plates These crampons were use on ONE trip and show very little wear, no damage no tweaking. email: rjnakata (ate) aol (doot) com $85
  3. FS: La Sportiva TRANGO CUBE GTX - mens size 42.5, US 9.5 Semi-automatic crampon compatible, gore-tex liner, retails at $399. Near NEW with box, I bought these, walked around the neighborhood, put them away an then waited for the right trip...that got cancelled!! (ever happen to you?) email: rjnakata (ate) aol (doot) com $200
  4. just let me know SOLD!
  5. I'm paying for shipping
  6. FS: Black Diamond MICROS 1-2 & STOPPERS 1-2-3 The MICRO STOPPERS are new and unused. The STOPPERS #1 & 2 are used. #3 is unused with tags. $14 shipped for (2) MICROS $14 shipped for (3) STOPPERS $25 shipped for all. PM me, or email me at RJNakata (at) aol (dot) com
  7. FS: Evolv ELEKTRA women’s 6.5, EUR 37 near new. I bought these for my wife, but they didn’t fit. The shoes have been climbed for a total of 15’ so they are near new. The soles show no wear. The edges are sharp. $45 including shipping to anywhere with a US zip code. PM me, or email me at RJNakata (at) aol (dot) com
  8. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    Thanks for the input...ok let's go back. Does anyone have a used harness for my girl?
  9. FS: Snow/Ice Gear

    PM'd on the X-15
  10. Scarpa Techno Shoes

    pics pls. RJNakata (at) aol dot com
  11. I'm looking for an old school Black Diamond Shrike: 1) 50cm 2) straight shaft 3) with Adze Got one? RJNakata (at) aol (dot) com