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  1. just let me know SOLD!
  2. I'm paying for shipping
  3. FS: Black Diamond MICROS 1-2 & STOPPERS 1-2-3 The MICRO STOPPERS are new and unused. The STOPPERS #1 & 2 are used. #3 is unused with tags. $14 shipped for (2) MICROS $14 shipped for (3) STOPPERS $25 shipped for all. PM me, or email me at RJNakata (at) aol (dot) com
  4. FS: Evolv ELEKTRA women’s 6.5, EUR 37 near new. I bought these for my wife, but they didn’t fit. The shoes have been climbed for a total of 15’ so they are near new. The soles show no wear. The edges are sharp. $45 including shipping to anywhere with a US zip code. PM me, or email me at RJNakata (at) aol (dot) com
  5. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    Thanks for the input...ok let's go back. Does anyone have a used harness for my girl?
  6. FS: Snow/Ice Gear

    PM'd on the X-15
  7. Scarpa Techno Shoes

    pics pls. RJNakata (at) aol dot com
  8. I'm looking for an old school Black Diamond Shrike: 1) 50cm 2) straight shaft 3) with Adze Got one? RJNakata (at) aol (dot) com
  9. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    I'm looking for a harness for my 6 year old (about 42 lbs) who loves to climb. I want to take her out to real rock. Do you have anything?
  10. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    Did you ever find someone for that wizkid? I've got a 6 year old that's got to climb. Would you PM me? Thanks! Ok, my bad OP from 2008! Still looking though...
  11. Black Diamond Ice Tool w/hammer and leash

    pm sent - I'll take it, sold.