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  1. bugaboos in june

    hey geoff, i'm also planning to go bugs in june/july. will be in utah until mem day. i climb 10a rock; not much alpine exp. but am willing. where are you coming from?? let me know if you want to hook up or any questions. thanks. paul - psausra@hotmail.com
  2. Starting a rack. WHat should I get?

    dont forget the camp(lowe) tri-cams. there relatively inexpensive, extremely versatile, and learning to place them properly will give you a good idea about fall forces. also, they conserve your cams for when you really need them. nothing like wasting your #2 camolot on an anchor only to find you really need it on the next pitch. recommend buying every other size up to the white. another very useful thing to carry is prusik cords of different lenghts, color coded by size.
  3. climbing partner, nw

    going to smith, city of rocks, slc, moab for april and may; bugaboos, squamish for june and july; yosemite and red rocks for sept and oct. leaving from seattle. mostly trad, 10a/b, long routes, some cragging. looking for partner for any/all. contact psausra@hotmail.com. thanks.
  4. Indoor Gym Partner in Seattle

    i'm planning a long road trip this spring and summer. if you want to hook up in red rocks for some great multipitch-i've been there twice and love it. be happy to give adivce on gear placement, etc... depending on your background, try john long's two books on anchors, the mountineers guide (especially the gear chapters) and the road side guide to climbing (these last two can be checked out from seattle public library). let me know what dates your looking at for red rocks. ive done gear leading for the past three summers (index, squamish, leavenworth, smith, and red rocks-10a/b) and am very safety conscious. see ya
  5. looking for partner for trip; starting at smith in april, then squamish for may and june, california in july, aug, sept, and red rocks in october. i climb 10a cracks now, hopefully 10c by end of trip; i prefer multipitch (squamish, yosemite, red rocks)have gear, and reasonably reliable car. contact at psausra@hotmail.com thanks.