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Photoepilator for home: features of the procedure and selection parameters.

One of the most effective and painless ways to remove hair on the body and face is photoepilation.

The principle of the procedure is the effect of light waves on the hair follicle, which eventually weakens and dies. Photoepilation can be carried out not only in the salon, but also at home, using household photoepilators. To buy a device for home means to save a lot on hair removal, because similar procedures from a cosmetologist will cost much more.

Features of photoepilation

Photoepilation is carried out in courses: several sessions with an interval of about a month. The device should be pressed tightly against the treated area during the procedure. Photoepilation is safe and painless, in some cases there may be redness and tingling of the skin, which passes within a few minutes.

The procedure is effective for removing only dark hair. Getting rid of gray, light and red hair in this way will not work. Before photoepilation, you should know that you can not sunbathe for a month before and after the procedure.

How to choose a photoepilator for home

When buying a device, several characteristics will be decisive:

- The area of the treated area. During one pulse, the photoepilator affects a sector of a certain area. The larger the size of the light spot, the fewer pulses will be needed to process the area. The area of the processed surface of the photoepilator for the house can be from 2.2 to 6 cm2.

- Permitted areas of use. All photoepilators are designed to get rid of hair from various parts of the body, and only some models can be used for facial treatment.

- Flash power. The power of household appliances ranges from 5 to 9 kJ. The more powerful the flash of the light beam, the faster you can get rid of unwanted vegetation. As a rule, there are several modes in home photoepilators that allow you to adjust the power.

- Lamp resource. The service life of the photolamp is calculated by the number of flashes (for example, 750). After the resource is developed, it must be replaced. Accordingly, the larger the charge of the lamp module, the longer it will last. In modern models, the maximum cartridge life is 65 thousand pulses.

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