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The Pros of Soap2day


Soap2day is a free streaming service for online watching movies, TV series and TV shows of all genres. The platform was launched in 2018 by Vietnamese owners and quickly gained popularity around the world.


Is Soap2day a safe site?

Soap2day and similar sites are blocked in some countries because of the distribution of copyrighted content. The creators of the site Soap2day say that the resource does not violate the law because it does not store or broadcast video content that violates copyright laws. All movies and TV shows presented on the platform are not protected by copyright, which means they are not pirated. In addition, when using the site only to watch HD movies and series online, the user is also not threatened. Problems may arise only when downloading, storing or sharing such content. In any case, it is recommended to always watch movies online with a VPN for anonymous watching. The VPN service provides a secure connection, hiding the IP address, the user's online activities. For security purposes, it's also a good idea to open your browser in incognito mode, install an ad blocker to prevent ad pop-ups in the video player, and good anti-virus software on your device.


Benefits of Soap2day

Soap2day is one of the most popular video hosting sites in the world with over 100 million visitors per month. Such popularity is due to the following advantages of the platform:

  1. Free access to all content

    Soap2day's streaming platform requires no registration, no subscription, no fees to access the media library.  Watching the entire library is completely free. Registered users can additionally add videos to their favorites, view watching history and create watch lists.

  2. Large collection of movies and TV shows

    Media Library platform has more than 250 thousand movies, TV series of different genres, TV shows, cartoons. New videos are added to the collection every day. Rate your movies, TV shows and TV series just like on IMDB.

  3. Watching videos online

    Streaming service Soap2day allows you to watch videos online via media player without the need to download to your local device. The platform works on PCs, mobile devices with Internet access.

  4. Ease of use of the movie site

    Soap2day Online Cinema offers several ways to find a desired movie, TV series or TV show - through the search bar or filter with sorting movies by genre, release year, actor, director, movie company and other parameters in a structured collection. You can select a movie by description, rating, and ratings left by users. You can also go to "Popular Movies" or "Selected Movies" and select a category to your liking.

  5. Frequent updates

    The Soap2day team promptly adds new releases of movies, TV shows and series almost as soon as they are released. Premieres are first uploaded in CAMRip quality and then regularly updated to Full HD or 4K as soon as they are digitally released on VOD.

  6. No remote content, no territorial restrictions

    Soap2Day does not remove content that was previously available on the site from the servers. Access to watch movies, shows on movie sites often has regional restrictions. For example, the HBO Max streaming site is only open to viewers in the United States and some other countries. Unlike HBO Max, Soap2day works and broadcasts anywhere in the world.


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