This is a moonstone goretex jacket, size large. It has 2 inside pockets, 4 outside pockets, hood that can cinch down around a helmet, long side zips, and very durable fabric. Thick durable zippers and all have two sliders per zipper. Front zipper has two so you can unzip from bottom up for peeing or belaying. Waist and bottom cinches to keep the snow put.

It is large enough to layer heavily underneath so it would not be good for a medium sized person expecting to layer and fill it up. Two of the front flap Velcro patches (used to cover the front zipper) fell off but they donít do much anyway. I have to many jackets and am just clearing out some stuff. The jacket is about 8 years old with about 120 days of use. Still going strong and still using till it sells.
Pm me. I live in monroe

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