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Posting Events: Read This Before doing so...

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Time to freshen up the Events forum a bit. So whats new?


  • You can now make new posts here
  • And you can add them to 'the calendar' oooohhhhhh


Still lets keep a few things in mind. Feel free to start a thread like "Lets have a pube club" and you can debate all day long on when/where to have it.


But when the location and date has been decided... or if you don't have to publicly discuss the details of your event, follow these easy steezey steps to post your event to the calendar:


1- Draft up your catchy post that will make lurkers and sparyers alike leave the anonimity of their keyboards and actually head out into public.


2- Down at the bottom of your new post, check the box that says 'List as an event in the calendar on' and choose the proper date bits, like so:




3- Remember to double check that you have times, directions, and fancy fliers attached to your post too!


Your calendar item will now be prominently displayed on our homepage, and if you'd like more exposure, drop me a PT and we'll work something out.



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Guest russel

How do I get the post options here?

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