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[TR] - 5/6/2016


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Trip: -


Date: 5/9/2016


Trip Report:

Started at 11:30pm, had some rain followed by very low vis while skinning up Palmer only to be followed by seeing clouds and wind booming off the top which looked ominous. Weather was supposed to be clear but we weren't sure of a summit until daybreak when conditions thankfully chilled out. Skins stuck nice until halfway between Palmer and Crater rock. Had some winds on Hogsback and PG was in great shape with two tools other than the astonishingly slow rope teams and waiting for other climbers downclimbing PG, some scaring the daylight S out of us trying to downclimb facing outward with keens hiking shoes and half falling off strap on crampons. People were the biggest hazards, the shrund has yet to make an appearance and the summit was very nice but crowded. MAYhem is well underway, bring your patience. This was Friday so I can't even imagine how crowded the weekends are now. Go Midweek if at all possible. It's worth taking the day off not to deal with the hordes.


Ski descent from Crater Rock was a bit hardpack but very nice, explored a bit toward illumination rock then ripped down Palmer and the mile. Very nice groom on both ski runs. Good day all in all!






Gear Notes:

Ice axe and ice tool, crampons, basic stuff. Used skis and skins.


Approach Notes:

Standard South Route / Pearly gates. Hogsback is set up on PG

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