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Goose Egg Mountain - Project 8?

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Hello, I am searching for beta on the "Project #8" route up Goose Egg Mountain shown on p. 158 of Ford and Yonder's Tieton River Rock guide book. I hiked up to the base of the Goose Egg last weekend and notice an appealing line of bolts up a textured slab about 100 ft left of Ride the Lighting. Any information will be helpful. I might try to return to Tietons in the fall to attempt this route.




P.S. the road to South Fork crag is clear (we cut out one tree) but there are a few trees that overhang the road so if you have tall vehicle it might be a tight squeeze.

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You were looking at Spoil Ill. Do a search for Joe Puryear's (R.I.P.) site - you could prolly find a link for it here on CC.com using the search function. Once you find his site, you'll likely find any beta he had on it. I've been outta the country for the past several years, so I don't know if Joe's widow took the site down or if Stoney Richards is keeping it up.

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