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Middle Fork Salmon River rock climbing?


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Yes I know I will be traveling right by the sawtooths to get to the put in.


Will be on a Middle Fork Salmon River float trip in August. Looks like a lot of granite in there. Any one ever do any climbing while on a Middle Fork salmon river float trip?


We brought a full trad rack on a Main Salmon trip a few years ago and were able to do some climbing right at camp. Wondering about this same type of potential on the Middle Fork.


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There would be fantastic multi pitch climbing in the lower gorge, but no boat can stay more than one night below Big Creek, making taking the time to do any route impossible. Unless.....you could catch a ride with another trip a day or two later. Rumor has it that river guides have been using this trick to tick off first ascents for decades.


Max Bechdel probably has done a few choice pitches on the splitter granite down there. My dream is to get a packer to haul gear into Ship Island Lake, then canyoneer down to the river, climbing the mega walls along the way, then thumb a ride downstream to the road.

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That is pretty much the line of my thinking, can't stay long enough in 1 place to pioneer a new long multi pitch. If there are existing multi pitch, I doubt someone is going to really let me in on it as it is likely very top secret. Hoping to get some bit of info if there are a few camps along the way that have sweet splitters right near by (a pitch or 2).


When we went on the main a few years ago, I couldn't find any info on actual climbing along the river trip, so I had a look at the whitewater campsites page and looked at all the pics of the camps to see if any had good looking cliffs right at camp. Sure enough we found some. Cliffs within 100 feet of the tents with splitters, which we climbed. In addition to the sweet splitter just down the road from the Vinegar Creek takeout on the main past the bridge a little bit!


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