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Quark Ergos (older version)


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Selling my old pair of ergos. these are the original ones (not the crazy new ones) with the orange handels. $250.


they have seen about a season's worth of dry tool and ice use over the past few years but i have another pair to tools so these spend most of the time laying around. Plenty of life left in the picks, (I'll even sharpen them for you). there is some skate tape on the shaft for better grip when using upper hand positions and for keeping the tool in place when you lay it across your shoulder. These are really great tools. perfect for someone looking for a cheaper but "modern" leashless tool. perfect for dry tooling.


I'm in seattle and would prefer local deals but i'll consider shipping. BEST WAY TO GET AHOLD OF ME IS TO CALL 206 eightfournine 6445.




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thanks! These are indeed great tools. I love them and have climbed plenty of ice on them. I'm not exactly a historian of ice tools by any means but these are certainly one of the models that brought about the leashless "revolution" and still hold their game well. the geometries of newer leashless tools are very similar. Petzl hit the sweet spot for these.

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