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NY visitor looking for a partner 7/23 - 7/24


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Hey folks, I have a business trip to Seattle and arranged it so I have July 23 and 24 to climb. I'd love to get out and just do some cragging or try something more ambitious to prepare for my (guided) climb of Forbidden Peak's NW face in August.


This is my first year climbing outdoors (I started on ice last winter and am now on rock) and I'm trad leading 5.5 at the Gunks, I've sport led up to 5.9 in Rumney, and I can top rope to 5.10.


I am sane, listen well, and don't take unnecessary risks, but enjoy necessary ones. I'd love to go out with someone more experienced and soak up some knowledge in the mountains or just have some fun climbing at a crag and get used to the gneiss.


Gas money, lunch, etc. I'm happy to cover it. Thanks.

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I might be able to swing it for saturday.

We could go to index for some trad crack climbing

or maybe Darrington. I think i have a family ob

that evening so have to be back to seattle by 6ish.


What level are you at? I can lead up to easy 10s and

have been climbing for like a 100 million years.


Not certain yet, but lets stay in touch.


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I am interested. I have done some mountaineering on Rainier and Denali but am new to rock climbing. I have been to gyms and done some granite in Denali last summer. I live about an hour and a half north of Seattle and have transportation if you are interested.



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