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TrangoFlexcams crap or a good deal?


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The price is great and the features seem good, but has anyone used these?


I know the range is less than some others but how much of a difference is it on the rock? Anybody had difficulty finding the right size?

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The cam part of my rack is now a mix of Camalots, tcus, and Tango cams. The Camalots are there because they work really well (but are spendy) and if I hadn't invested in them before the Tango gear, I'd have more Trango cams (great price performers...true of much of Trango's gear) [chubit] .

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I've had a double set of trango dual stem cams for about 8 years or so. I like them a lot. Easy to extricate, easy to place, don't walk, fairly light. The price was my primary motivation. I always thought the expansion range was great, barely less than a #3 camalot when you actually compare them side to side.


good value.


Of course, some of my partners hate using me rack b/c of them. fuck 'em.




[ 08-17-2002, 12:57 PM: Message edited by: Matt Anderson ]

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So 4-10 days go past and here is my report:




-The two smallest sizes I ordered are a little smaller than I would have expected from the measurements posted on line.


-The smallest cam's range seems a little minimal, although I haven't placed it yet.


-The heads are wide on both, meaning a little less manueverable in tight spots.


-Not as badass as Aliens.


-Your Momma.




-Construction was bomber.


-The looped cable stems are better than those metal things on Camalots.


-The action is smooth for a cheap cam.


-They are a lot better than anything else for $40.


-Your girlfriend.

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