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Good campgrounds on Olympic Peninsula


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I moved here some months ago.

Now I'm planning to spend the Memorial Weekend in the Olympic Nationalpark with my non-climbing husband, so mainly hiking as high as possible, in the rainforest and on the beaches.

Now I'm looking for a good campground to put up our tent.

Does anybody of you guys know or can recommend a good and nicely-situated campground?




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Top Posters In This Topic

If you're looking to get a base car camping spot to go to beaches & rainforest, Klaloch would be the best although it might be tough to get into this weekend at this late a date. You're not too far there from the Hoh and quite a few of the coast beaches. Nothing is tooo centrally located on the west coast.




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Thanks. I just looked it up and this seems to be a really nice place to stay. What do you mean by tough to get in that late?

As I understand the sites are reserved by the first-come first-serve principle and online-reservation is just possible form June 17th on.

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