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  1. You didn't need a shovel for camping at Glacier Meadows when we were out there last week. Snow has been going pretty fast.
  2. I will try to post a trip report this week that might be helpful to someone who hasn't done it with a couple of pictures. I'm one of those mere mortals and fairly conservative, but in my opinion, the low 5th class variation on the N side of the summit block looked far safer than the kind of traversing 4th class route so that is what we did. We had one person lead climb it with pro (he put in one cam and one big hex) and then we brought everyone else up on a top rope. There are a couple of slings and a place to belay that route about 75 feet up (not quite at the top, this spot is not the normal rap spot). The N side is fairly vertical but has lots of holds and the rock is surprising solid for the Olympics. Maybe one or two 5th class moves, not hard technical climbing but don't kid yourself, you are exposed and quite aways off the deck, a fall would mess you up pretty good. I would not consider downclimbing it, but thats me. We rapped off the West side, one 60 m got us to a ledge just off the snow.
  3. Congratulations PVD! As a fellow 2x whipping boy of routefinding on this same mountain I share your former frustration and would like to share your success. From the upper basin, which chute did you use to access the summit ridge? I was up there about a month ago trying Route 7 and took one that I thought was the "obvious snow gully" to reach the ridge but at the top the way ahead was not evident to me (the ridge traverse looked alot nastier than your picture) and I'm pretty sure I was off-route. Any good tips on routefinding that top section?
  4. Made it up on Friday during a nice little weather window. Went via Crystal Pass. The direct looked pretty iffy so we took the sure thing. The entire route was in absolutely great shape. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  5. Thanks folks, appreciate the update. Planning on heading out late this week. I've noticed the snow has been going really quick this year so I figured the direct wouldn't be good for much longer.
  6. I was wondering if anyone had any good information on how the route is looking right now? I'm thinking about trying late next week (June 24-28) timeframe and I was wondering how the snow has been holding up. Will it be time for the midsummer route or will we be able to head up more directly. Thanks - any info would be appreciated.
  7. Congratulations, Nice TR, I appreciate the pics as I'm hoping to try Constance this year.
  8. Has anybody been up there this spring and know how the access road is? I'm thinking about Mt Pershing this weekend and the Forest Service website is pretty non-detailed on the status of the road. I was thinking about Climber's Guide Route 7 that starts around Jefferson Creek. Any good route beta would also be nice?
  9. Sorry Caroline, I saw this late. I just meant that it is a popular campground and if you don't get in early it can fill up. Hope everything worked out for you, it was a beautiful weekend.
  10. If you're looking to get a base car camping spot to go to beaches & rainforest, Klaloch would be the best although it might be tough to get into this weekend at this late a date. You're not too far there from the Hoh and quite a few of the coast beaches. Nothing is tooo centrally located on the west coast.
  11. Good looking trip. I'm jealous. Have to try that soon before the snow is completely gone.
  12. I was up there on Friday, 5/1/09. The road was clear just about to the lower trailhead - maybe a quarter mile or so of roadwalk. I would actually suggest walking past the lower trailhead and taking the trail that starts at the logging cut about a quarter mile or so past the lower trailhead. That trail will shorcut you up to the parking lot for the upper trailhead and is mostly ridgewalk through the logged trees with pretty good views. The snow is going fast and the trail is bare/spotty up to about a half mile from the beginning of the chute. The snow in the chute was about 3-4 inches of corn on top of a really hard crust. If you punched through that crust there was a really thick softer layer. Beautiful day Friday. Made it up with my skis and dogs but I didn't ski the whole thing because I'm not burly enough to do the tight steep sections when its all rutted up.
  13. Has anybody been up to Mt Constance yet this year? A couple of buddies and I are planning a trip in the next few weeks and I was curious if anyone has any good information on snow level & route condition that has been up there this year? We were also thinking about accessing via the North or South Fork of Tunnel Creek vice the way trail off of the Dosewallips river road. Does anybody have any helpful advice regarding those routes and whether it is a good idea or not. Thanks - any information is much appreciated.
  14. I was up there this last Saturday (May 10). The road is still snowed in about a mile and a half below the lower trailhead. It was a great day, but a long one. Got to love the snow this year.
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