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Ode to Winter


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It's snowing and I wrote this today for all of us that can't wait to get back on the boards...


Ode to winter


the tales that follow are what the oldtimers so viewed

about events back in the day ‘ tho all are not true


‘twas mid October when it started to fall

a good premonition promised to all

i ducked under the covers, sleepy that night

when I awoke in the morn’ the hills were covered in white

it snowed every day, very hard in November

it snowed even more right to the end of December

it didn’t stop snowing until half way past June

and wouldn’t you know we thought that to soon


‘twas an eerie silence that greeted us all

when the sun started shining and flakes ceased to fall

we grabbed the snowblower , shovels and mitts

we tunneled to the surface in a right, randy fit

there were no houses, no cars, no freeways in sight

we scanned the horizon try as we might


i stepped on the surface and fell in deep past my head

like my pockets contained gold and my boots made of lead

they dug me out fast and with not a minute to waste

we made for the hills in very much haste


“stick on the skins and up lift the heel risers”

we plowed through the drifts ever more higher

as we rounded the corner the leader let out a gasp

for a sight never seen was now in our grasp


the mountain before us was normally quite tall

but in this day now we felt ten times as small

it was ten times as high and ten times as wide

and there were cornices and ridges and chutes to go ride

there were bowls, and flutes and one mile deep powder

“the giant is untracked” we yelled even louder


we flew over the slopes right up to the top

and when we looked down our hearts seem to stop

for the vertical run that greeted us there

was so long and so steep that it gave us gray hair

80 degrees angle and five miles long

we’d give up our lives to get first tracks this strong

i stepped over the edge and said to the guys

“i’m going to bag this hill or I’m going to die”

i jumped the huge cornice and carved the steep bowl

the snow was at once pure heaven and evil black hole

for it sucked me right in and seduced me all right

faster and faster I flew, down out of sight

my turns were all fluid and perfectly made

‘till gravity stopped and time was betrayed

i floated in crystal, wrapped in sublime

but always returned with powder in mind

i raced down steepness with legs burning now

and flew down the flutes brimming with pow


some of our group was lost that fine day

when a slide let loose and covered their way

we didn’t turn back or shed nay a tear

for we all knew the danger and hoisted them a beer

and there were problems with skis, bindings and skins

for the gremlins also need to get their fun in


we skied back to the hut and stoked a big fire

and laid back and regaled our exploits and admire

long into the night did we rant and shred

‘tll foggy heads and full guts did we march off to our beds

alas when I woke I was not where I seemed

and wondered if all I had known was only a dream


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