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Methow Bonfire for the Arts 4/2/05--AKA Bernie Man


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Climbers and skiers in the area should come on down to the Methow Bonfire for the Arts (AKA Bernie Man).


When: Saturday, April 2, from 5 pm til 2 am.


Where: 191 Twisp East County Road (about two miles north of Twisp on the backroad to Winthrop.) This is Bernie Man's place--easily identified by the huge metal sculptures in his pasture.


What: A big party featuring the largest bonfire even seen in the Methow (it's being build with a crane), live music by Jazzukha of Seattle and Whut Tha Phunk of the Methow, DJ Dov, drumming and the surreal backbeat of Bernie Man's 250-foot long high tension Astral Alien Electric Harp. You've got to see and hear this thing to believe it. Also possibly featuring Bernie Man's Twisp-famous flamethrowing monster truck that can weld shit too. Beer garden will feature kegs of foamy beerverages provided by the Twisp River Pub. Food will be available from an English-style red double decker bus. Rumor has it that there is a $2 all-you-can-eat boiled cabbage special. According to event planners who commented on the condition of anonymity, Takeru “The Tsunami” Kobayashi--the 113 pound Japanese world eating champion who consumed 50 1/2 wieners and buns in 12 minutes in 2002--is flying in from Tokyo to attend. The event is sponsored by the Confluence Gallery and proceeds go to support various Methow Valley artistic endeavors.


Price: $10 in advance, $12 at pasture gate. For more information call 509-997-ARTS.

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