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Mount Logan

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I am working away on a book about Canada's Mount Logan, King Peak, & Mount McArthur. A history of climbs, guidebook, coffee-table sort of thing. I plan on having the book out in late 2006. I am trying to contact climbers from all the first ascents or early and important repeats. Among others, I am looking for contact information on the following climbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please send any one's personal information to be via PM only. Thanks in advance.

Joe Josephson





Is any one from the King Trench's 1950 3rd ascent still alive?

Gordon Herried

Alston Paige

Mark Christensen


Schoening Ridge 1952

Gibson Reynolds

Dick McGowan

Bill Niendorff


4th Ascent of King Trench 1959

William D. Hackett

William E. Blanchard

Dr. Norton Benner

David V. Bohn

Jules M. Eichorn

Richard N. Kauffman

Clarence E. Le Bell


3rd Ascent East Ridge 1961 - a Boyd Everett Jr. Expedition

Albert Nickerson Jr

Leif Patterson

Edward Carman

Walter Gove


Independence Ridge 1964

Gregg Blomberg

Edward Amstutz

William Basset

Eliot Coleman

Frank Magary

Richard Springgate

Robert Baker

David Stelling

Thomas Stewart


HubSew Ridge 1967

Will Harrison

A. Bittenbinder

D. Shaw

Ed Ward


Catenary Ridge 1967

Davd Ingolis

Donald Schmenchel

Steve Connary


North Ridge 1974

Kurt Schuttenberg

Bruce Balderston

Al Mathews


Hummingbird Attempt 1978

Jim Logan

Barry Sparks

Ralph Randall Trover


West Ridge 1978

Jonathan Waterman

Steve Davis

Roger Hirt

George Sievewright


Catenary Variation 1979

Frank Sarnquist

Al Bergland

Steve Ericson


Early Bird Attempt 1985

Dan Batwinas

Mick Deiro

Tim Laughlin

Jeff Jackson



First Ascent King Peak 1952

Alston Paige

Keith Hart

Elton Thayer

Bill Atwood


East Ridge of King Peak 1952 - A Schoening Expedition.

Vic Josendal

Bob Yeasting

Dave Harrah

Verl Rogers

Tom Morris

Gibson Reynolds

Dick McGowan

Bill Niendorff


West Ridge King Peak 1966 - an Everett Expedition.

Dennis Eberl

James Birney

Joe Davidson

Art Davidson

Pete Hall

Thomas Hall

Emile Nava

Edward Nester



North Ridge Attempt 1953

Richard McGowan

Tim Kelly

Tom Miller

Dick Long


North Ridge Attempt 1961

William Dougall

Richard Wahlstrom

Lute Jerstad

Steve Johnson

Ronald Priebe

Gary Rose


North Ridge First Ascent 1961

George Wallerstein

Sy Ossofsky

Alexander McDermott


South Face New Route 1993

Greg Collum

Mark Landreville

Paul Gonzales

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