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Alaska Photo Contest: WIN A 60M BEAL DRY ROPE!!!

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Ok so i figured this deserved its own post seperate of the Alaska Mountain Forum since it really is seperate smile.gif And so i coaxed you into the post with the promise of the rope. The climbing rope will be up for grabs starting March 21st.


So get your pics sent in now for this months and get your pics ready to win a


Beal , 60meter , 10.2mm , GoldenDry ROPE! BRAND NEW!


"ANY" pictures of the Alaskan Outdoors will be accepted. If its a climber, or just a plant we dont care as long as it was taken of the outdoors!!


Click Below to Enter Contest:

Poetry in Pictures : Alaskan Outdoor Photo Contest

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Now up is a Eureka Backpack -


Eureka Cloudburst Stormshield Backpack - Waterproof


The ability of a backpack to resist water varies considerably among the hundreds that are available on the market today. Some are virtually water absorbent, while others are virtually waterproof.


Traditionally, if you were on an outdoor adventure and expected rain, you brought along a rain cover for your backpack. Generally, these work very well at protecting the part of the pack that is covered, but the part that touches your back is not protected by the rain cover, and can sometimes get wet, in addition to allowing some water to get inside some packs. Also, there is the pain of having to carry the rain cover with you.


For those outdoor adventurers who expect to face a lot of wet weather, and don't particularly like rain covers, Eureka has introduced a line of highly water-resistant and waterproof backpacks. They are made of 250D .5mm StormShield vinyl, welded vinyl seams, along with either a water-resistant zipper or a drybag-like closure, depending on the model.


While Eureka offers several different models of their StormShield series, the focus of this article is on the Cloudburst model, which is essentially designed for single day adventures, including hiking, climbing, skiing, or snowboarding. Here's what makes the Cloudburst world class:


* The top-loading Cloudburst carries up to 2,499 cubic inches and weighs in at about 2 pounds 11 ounces. This is more than enough for a full day's adventure, no matter which season. Fastpackers should be able to carry enough for a several day backpacking adventure. Considering the size of the bag, its weight is minimal, falling into the lightweight category.

* As previously mentioned, the bag is made out of vinyl, making it impervious to moisture, for the most part. The only exception to this is that this bag uses a water-resistant zipper to close the bag, potentially allowing water to come through. In practice, if properly closed, it will not let rain or other moisture come through. Of course, I would not dump the bag in a lake and hold it down for an hour, as it would probably leak.


While I wasn't personally able to test this, Eureka claims that the vinyl is pliable down to -40 degrees, and that temperatures over 100 degrees don't affect performance.


I also found the vinyl to be tough and puncture resistant.


* The Cloudburst's suspension system is lightweight, which means that you won't want to carry heavy loads in this particular model. I would recommend keeping the bag under 25 pounds for the greatest comfort, although some people might find 30 pounds comfortable.


The suspension system is removable and includes a hip belt with single-layer high density foam and side stabilizing straps; a dual-layer foam harness; a HDPE stiffening sheet in the back; a lumbar pad; an adjustable sternum strap; and an air mesh backing for greater air flow and comfort.


The pack only comes in one size, and is adjustable. Because of this, you will want to try on the pack before you purchase it to see if it fits you properly.


* The backpack includes many extra features, such as a carrying strap on top, a carrying handle on its back, straps on the bottom to carry extra gear, a daisy chain for lashing gear, and compression straps. One added advantage of using clear vinyl for much of the bag is that allows light to come inside the bag, making it easier to see inside. If you remove the suspension system, you can easily carry the pack with you on a plane or other transportation.


Information from worldclassgear.com


The Cloudburst is an easy-to-use bag with most of the features you would want in a backpack, and most of all, it is highly water-resistant.

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