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Digital Video Camera Recomendations


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oh shit... uhm... i have used it for a pro (kinda wink.gif) company climbing and for weight you cant beat if for a camera with 3 chips... $2,500 will get you a nice package... i have done ice, rock, glacial and party filming with it along with some film projects for school. lemme know if you are interested in what to get in packages (ie battery size etc)... happy huntin! wave.gif

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I bought a Sony TRV-19 Digital video camera to use on Denali. It weighs about 2.5 pounds, no protruding parts to break off and most of the ports are covered so no dirt can get in. It cost $599 and was their low end model. The only difference between them is the one that I have has a black and white viewfinder and doesn't take stills onto removable media. The resolution on the stills was low (800x600 or 1024x768) and I couldn't justify it for the extra $100. It has a carl Weiss lens (everyone says it's good) 120x zoom (10 optical, 12 digital). The 2.5 inch LCD panel is touchscreen so it worked good with gloves on. I bought a 2 or 4 hour battery but it lasted me 8 hours because I couldn't use the LCD panel with all the sun in alaska. It uses the mini-DV video tapes, so that keeps the size down. It has I-Link\firewire (IE 1394) connect for downloading to your computer. I have been able to download the video to my computer with no problems. It's not fully supported by adobe premier, but enough to download the video.




I'd recommend it. Had no problems with it up to 18,000 feet and below 0 temps.



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