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Sahale or El Dorado?


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Any groups looking for more for a Sahale or El Dorado trip this year? Thinking like end of May or after, ideally. I had one ready to go last year which died off for obvious reasons, and then this year like an idiot spaced the permit application period. Oops.


Hit me up, im a fairly new climber but Ive done Baker and some other stuff, and have had a several-months class with my area club. Low drama, low maintenance!

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For sure interested in El Dorado if it's done overnight, been dreaming of it for 6 years now. Looking to upgrade from Class 3-easy 4 scrambles to those that are a little more technical. I haven't taken any classes but I know I have the 3:1/5:1 pully setup figured out along with self rescue with prusiks, I've been doing it on the weekends. Not trying to get into a situation but intend on being prepared to get out of one, so I would like to start with the less crevassed glaciers. If permits are an issue, others that looking good for learning are Bacon Peak and Colonial to Snowfield. In WA I've done Hinman/Daniel, Carrie, and Columbia. I'm not anybody to learn from but I would make a good anchor if something happens.

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