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  1. ill probably climb w u

    Good stuff, if you think you can get as far north as Bellingham I say lets roll. I don't live in WA but when I am there I usually solo, if I could go with somebody I could advance in glacier travel. Summer objectives. I will have a very basic rack with ice axe and crampons. I'm waiting to see if anybody else is going to invest in 30m single tested half rope/harness/carabiners, with a screw and a picket or 2. I have self rescue and 3:1/5:1 z pulley figured out as well. Highly interested in crossing from Colonial to Snowfield for example. I will be travelling without a vehicle, kind of a pain, but if you are willing to do the same I can send you the info I've come up with. I just don't feel like driving back into the city to drop a rental car back off. I'll shoot you an email or text closer to time.
  2. Sahale or El Dorado?

    For sure interested in El Dorado if it's done overnight, been dreaming of it for 6 years now. Looking to upgrade from Class 3-easy 4 scrambles to those that are a little more technical. I haven't taken any classes but I know I have the 3:1/5:1 pully setup figured out along with self rescue with prusiks, I've been doing it on the weekends. Not trying to get into a situation but intend on being prepared to get out of one, so I would like to start with the less crevassed glaciers. If permits are an issue, others that looking good for learning are Bacon Peak and Colonial to Snowfield. In WA I've done Hinman/Daniel, Carrie, and Columbia. I'm not anybody to learn from but I would make a good anchor if something happens.