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Denali 2020


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On 11/1/2019 at 6:54 PM, Krakow311 said:

I plan Denali climb for May/June 2020 and looking for climbing partners. I climbed in June 2019 and ascend to 16,400 before turning around.  My e-mail is ajagiel@yahoo.com.

Hi man. I am from Ecuador (South America). I climb mountains since 20 years ago. I climbed Mount Aconcagua (6969 meters) in three days and many others 6000 meters mountains.

I have only 17 days available in total (home-summit-home) due to my job. I expect to spend 10 days in the mountain (kahiltna-summit-kahiltna) + 7 days travelling (home-kahiltna-home). I have good altitude training because I live at 3000 meters and train at 5000 meters.

Is possible to join with you for Denali ?.
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