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  1. by the way... I have: Salomon Super Mountain 9 Thermics (technical) LaSportiva Karakorum (not so technical) LaSportiva Trango Plus (even less tech and mixed) Koflach Viva Soft plastics (with super gaitors) I don't recommend that everyone be so indulgent as I.
  2. I actually sell boots at REI Seattle... if anyones interested I can send you a rambling two page e-mail that I prepared a while back about leather mountaineering boots. In the end I don't really recommend anything specific, as many of you have mentioned fit is critcal, but also your 'specific' intended use. It's very difficult to find an all purpose boot. There's a reason there's so many boot options out there... Come on in, we'll hook ya up...
  3. I'm looking for some partners to do some grade 3 ice. I have about 2 years of experience on Ice and limited leading skills, however I have lead up to grade 3 pitches. I'm heading back to NH (moved from Boston last year) for some climbing in early Feb., and I'm off to Whistler for skiing this weekend. But my big trip this year is to Peru in June to climb the Ferrari route on Alpamayo. It's the trade route, but it's still about a 1000 ft of a grade 3 runnel topping out on a knife ridge. I'm stoked, but I just haven't made the connections here to get out as much as I would like. So... how about some top roping to warm things up, then get on some grade 3 routes?
  4. I work at the Seattle store.
  5. I own the thermo Super mountain 9's of this boot and concur that they're best for technical climbing. Absolutely rigid platform plus a good leather upper foot mean's that something has to give on trail... and it's your heals for sure. Typical problem with a boot of this type. But well worth the trade off for a secure foot on technical terrain... no toe's fishing around in these bad boys! Solomons actually tend to run a bit wider than LaSports, but are still about a medium width. Yah, and I would say that they're a bit higher volumne than the LaSports. No prob on the NikWax, go for it! Don't use the Nubuc stuff, go for the Aqueos at Min, perferably the 'Wax.' The NuBuc is marketed only for those concerned about boot apperance. NikWax needed to meet customer demands with the NuBuc product. I LOVE these boots, they rock! Much better lacing system than the LaSports! Did I mention I sell boots???
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