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  1. Does anyone have any info. on this route up Rainer. Is the route finding through the rock worth it. How is the current conditions for rock fall on this route and how are the crevasses looking on the winthrop glacier approaching this route?
  2. Any information on russell cliff route. Is it worth the route finding through dirty rock and what is the rock fall conditions. Also how are the crevasses at this time. We are planning on the 30th of June.
  3. climb in ecuador?

    My girlfriend and myself are going to be in S. America in March and are going to climb Cotopaxi. This is through Andisimo guide co. out of Quito. We are looking to see if anyone would be interested in doing this climb and possible Chimboroza (according to weather). We are arriving in Quito on Mar.1 and will be acclimatizing on our own on the 2nd and 3rd. We will then go with Andisimo on a acclimatization hike on the 4th and then climb Cotopaxi on the 5th and 6th. We are making this a quick climb because we have a lot of treking to do. The cost of the guide service is reasonable but it gets better as the climbing party increases. If anyone is interested let us know. mollynolan@povn.com