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  1. Mt. Jefferson / Jefferson Park Glacier

    Crackman and I descended the same route we climbed. As it was our first time up there, it was difficult to figure out where the alternatives were and with the time getting late, we went with what we knew. The down climbing was definitly interesting! Thank goodness for the the 2 cans of Red Bull back at camp to give us the energy for the slog out of there. SB
  2. Chair Peak SE route 4/27/02

    Norman, My partner and I came up the North Face and summited at 11. Followed your tracks down to the rappel anchor, rapped off and continued down your accent route. Unfortunately, we did not see your axe anywhere in our path, but it could have been covered by one of the many small releases chasing us down the hill. All in all, the North Face was in decent shape and a lot of fun, but the descent was sloggin' through the junk to get out.
  3. Semi epic on Leuthold

    For such a WIDE couloir, it seems to be damn hard to find... my first time up Leuthold's ended up being my first time up Reid Glacier Headwall!