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  1. Solo trip - disappointment cleaver?

    I tried to get a solo permit for this year, and despite several successful applications in the 2003, 04, and 05, and a successful solo climb in 2004, I was denied this year so far - I'm appealing it. If anyone else wants to go "solo" climb * it with me, I'm up for it, as long as we don't camp, only go during stable high pressure weather, and when the route is in good condition. I will go any pace, as long as it is not slower than 10 hours car to car. * There are no requirements for climbing parties of two or more to rope up... (I have climbed Hood, Adams, St Hellens, Glacier Peak, and Rainier (2 x Emmons, 5 x DC (including solo in 2004), Ingraham direct, and Kautz). In addition, I've done the Ptarmigan Traverse (Cascade Pass trailhead to Suiattle River road) last year with Leor Pantilat in 12:17 hours.
  2. NW Forest Pass Ticket

    "One thing to note, if you park before the "entering a fee use area" sign, you don't need the pass. Usually it means you'll walk an extra 1/4 mile, ain't no big thing." This used to work. Not any more. Example: Denny Creek exit on I-90. There used to be a "NW forest pass required" only at the (Pratt Lake) trailhead. Then they posted a "Entering Fee Area" sign 1/4 mile from the trail head. Fair enought, I can walk 0.3 miles. Recently, however, they put up a sign right by the freeway exit: "Trail park pass required beond this point". It seems now you need a trail pass if you park anywhere on the road between Pratt Lake trailhead and Denny Creek trailhead, which are at least 2 miles apart. (Though I recently parked more than 1/4 mile from the trailhead like I had in the past and didn't get a ticket. Just lucky?) Is this legal? Can the USFS just declare several miles of road as "fee area", even if you park more than 1/4 mile from any trailhead or other recreational site? Other example of expanded fee areas: The "entering fee area" sign at the Snow lake trailhead was moved a few hundred meters down the road, away from the trailhead. And isn't the entire Mountain Loop Highay a fee area? Does anyone have a website address where I can find the full text of the fee demo law (rider)? Please let me know! Uli