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  1. Holee fuck--its been 15 years? Well, slap mah fro!  That was certainly not a forgettable experience for me--sitting in my car waiting for you perfect idiots to show up. 

    Off_white you are truly a gentleman and a scholar.  I was just listening to a mix-cd you had made for me.  Remember that?

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  2. 4 hours ago, CascadeClimber said:

    Here's a sample, Jon. I'm far from the only one who was on the receiving end of this sort of thing.

    "Topic:   I have nothing but pain for you

    Did you uh like wanna get your fucking ass kicked? Feel free to give me a call 206/235-9497 or drop by sometime. I'd be happy to come over there though and fuck you up face to face smart guy/girl (makes no bones to me-you wanna mess with the best then live up to it). I'll be the 230lb ex ranger motherfucker looking pissed and highly qualified to thump your ass.

    Otherwise shut the fuck up and try to go head to head with someone in the minor leagues like you shitbird. GOT IT!"

    I got virtually the same private message from that douche.  I took it for what it was: a lot of empty bluster.  I don't think that BS had anything to do with decreased site traffic.  Its primarily because of social media.  I personally moved onto other pursuits and stopped hanging out here out of a lack of interest.  I'm starting to feel the itch again so here I am sniffing around and lo and behold its the same old-timers!  

    holee chit.

    How the hell you ladies doin?

    p.s. Part of the reason I stopped sharing trip reports is when one of my very most favorite spots was shared on a regional magazine and is now overrun with gapers.  

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  3. Bought these to replace drop bars on a single speed and they are the wrong size (26mm clamp). Never used but may have some minor knicks in the powder coating from storage. $10 each plus shipping






    Pickets are used but in decent condition, lots of miles left. Various sizes. How about $30 for all plus shipping.




    5 ice screws, various sizes. Light surface rust from sitting around. I am pretty sure they are all Black Diamond and most, if not all, are express screws. $100 for all 5.


    The snarg, pitons and screamer are all used with light wear, mostly from just being carried around and never placed. Lets say $30 for all of that.




    All prices are OBO and do not include shipping.



  4. Trying to simplify my life and get rid of stuff I rarely use anymore. Its been stored in a rubbermaid container and not in direct sunlight, nevertheless the slings on the cams should probably be replaced. No warranties and everything sold as-is. Its all been used and shows it.


    I'd like to sell it as an entire lot. $400 obo for everything.


    A rack of 18 cams, mostly Wild Country and Metoliuos with one BD cam. Set of stoppers.




    Used ascenders, ladder aiders, adjustable aiders, daisies and adjustable daisies. I'll even throw in the pullies and harness pack.




    edited to add that I am not on here very often so any questions/offer should be PMed to me. Thanks

  5. i seriously doubt old boy comes back from this - have any other atheletes w/ simliar situations?


    Michael Vick

    Mike Tyson


    Are two that immediately come to mind.

    both players in a blood sport though, so doing some thugged out shit like bite a brothers ear off, rape a chick and throw some dogs into a blender not as likely to offend the folks who liked them originally?


    biking seems a bit too libturd-euro-faggy to fancy having back a raging dickhead liar. but then again maybe folks'll want him back just to take pleasure in seeing him beat?


    I didnt see where you said Lance would get back into cycling. My examples were more towards returning to stardom of sorts or some semblance of success.


    Another example: Tiger Woods. While none of these guys have reached the stardom they had before, they've certainly mounted a comeback.

  6. i seriously doubt old boy comes back from this - have any other atheletes w/ simliar situations?


    Michael Vick

    Mike Tyson


    Are two that immediately come to mind.