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  1. Liberty Ridge Conditions 5/26-27

    Liberty Ridge Conditions 5/26-27): Climbed the Lib ridge Sat 5/26. Crossing the Carbon was no big deal. We took a direct line from 7500' on its east edge to the west side of Lib ridge. The lower ridge is mostly bare rock/dirt. The lower ridge was raining rocks and debris the entire time we asceded past it (6-8am). We bi-passed the lower ridge by climbing the lower ice fall east of the ridge. Ice was in excellent shape. Above Thumb Rock is good snow till 12,500', then 500' of 50 degree good ice. Snow again up to the berg. We angled right to approach the berg. There are two 10' steps to get over the berg with an exposed anchor station above the second step. Each step is mixed ice and sugar snow. The sugar snow on the berg steps makes it challenging. Above the berg are two sections of 50-70 degree ice, each about 200' in elevation. The lower ice section is the steaper one and in excellent shape. The upper ice section is dinner plated, but OK other wise. About 100' of steep snow finishes the climb. I'd recommend getting on Lib within the next couple of weeks. By mid June she'll be out of shape for the season. Hope this helps