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  1. Hey ya'll! I'm having a hard time getting a proper fitting pair of boots. I wear a size 13/47 street shoe. Nepal EVO GTX 14/48 wrecked my toes on descent. Scarpa 14.5/49 fit well but doesn't accept full auto crampons (their sizing is a bit different after you pass 48). Has anyone sized from a 47 up to a 49 in Nepals? I can't seem to find any half sizes past 48 for La Sportivas. Or, has anyone had a similar problem and used higher arch footbeds to create a little more room in the toe box of the 48's? Finding pairs this large to try has proven almost impossible and buying a new pair of boots from the UK unsure of the fit is well, scary considering their price tags. Any information or input is appreciated, thanks!!
  2. Hey Rob I appreciate the detailed response! I made it up and down no problem minus some toe bang from the Nepals. That is a killer (in the best and worst way) route with no snow on it. Was the only person on the entire trail until I hit Monitor Ridge, of course. Anyways once again I appreciate the reply and I'll take that information along with me for future climbs!
  3. Hey y'all simple question here. Depending on weather in the upcoming weeks, I plan to make my first Cascade ascent on St Helens Oct 6. Does a light glazing of snow make that boulder field impassable? I know climbing season is "over" but I also know St Helens is a relatively simple peak. I plan to take the Worm Flows route for whatever it's worth. Thanks!
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