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  1. I'm looking for partners primarily for glacier ski routes - routes like Easton on Baker, various things in the North Cascades such as Eldorado, Sahale, possibly Shuksan, Adams, and hopefully Rainier via the Emmons in a month or so if conditions still allow. I'd like to do as many of these as possible in the next month-ish while snow/glacier conditions are at their best. I can usually be free Thursday-Sunday so open to weekday options as well as weekends. I've climbed & skied a fair number of non-technical routes on cascade peaks like Shasta, Hood, Middle & South Sisters, Helens, etc. I've taken a crevasse rescue course, AIARE 1, and have been backcountry skiing & leading trad on rock for ~6 years. Looking to continue my journey into more technical glacier routes so let me know if you have any interest in partnering up for something like that!
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