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  1. Hey all - I'm looking for partners to climb just about anything in Washington. I am an out-of-stater in Washington through the middle of June and am looking to fill my calendar with climbs. I am looking to get up Baker and Glacier (and potentially Olympus if you, too, are masochistic like me), but am really up for anything glaciated. DM me or email me at trailmagicmike AT gmail,com if you are interested, I'd love to get another climb on the calendar! Climbing Resume: Certs: Wilderness First Responder, Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue, Avy 1 Technical Climbs: Mt. Rainier (2021); Mt. Shasta (arguably not technical... 2021); Mt. Pendleton, AK (2019); Observation Mountain (Yukon, CA, 2019); Mt Hood (2022) Non-technical climbs: Mt. St. Helen's, Mt. Stuart, Middle Teton, White Mountain Peak, and ~65 Colorado peaks (41 that are Fourteeners) Physical shape: I am an ultra runner, and just climbed several peaks and 14ers in CO, so I am well acclimated and have endurance for just about any activity short of the Infinity Loop.
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