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    Firstly, thanks to Ted Glick for starting a thread on men of a certain age looking to climb Rainier. There certainly seemed to be interest, unstated previously on my part as well, but the interest seemed broader than just Rainier, and Ted, I didn't want to steal your thread. The broad interest seemed to be on the topic of age; looking for partners of 50+. This thread is more of a call for interest by older climbers. I may be reading too much into the age thing, but with many summits behind me, I find I'm more interested in the overall experience, the freedom to go at a pace we choose, and taking the time we need to summit as opposed to maybe missing a summit opportunity because of a guide's schedule. While I generally move light & fast, relative terms, I'm not looking to set any records. As for locations, I put some down as tags that are of interest to me, but in no way should these be limitations. My experience is heavily slanted to snow/glacier, high altitude, and international. I have very little rock experience, but could easily be swayed by the right partners. I'd like to get back down to Chile or Argentina in spring, 2022. For compatibility and to drive training, we should plan on some fall and winter activity locally.