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  1. Olympus partners!

    Looking for a partner for Mt Olympus. Kinda last minute, but due to other plans I'm hoping to go this coming weekend. Later season would be possible though (after mid-August). I've verified that the park service is flexible with permits and we can make something work. I'd plan on 5 days: 2 day approach, 1 day summit, 1 day out, 1 contingency day (for a 2nd summit day or break up the return hike, I'm flexible). I recently climbed Denali unguided and have plenty of mountaineering experience, though its been a while since I've lead technical rock so the summit block might be a challenge, but I'm not too concerned. Partners experienced on rock preferred I've actually been to the summit block a few years ago but turned back due to low visibility and rain. Hit me up!