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  1. I'm new to Washington and I'll be completely free for two weeks starting June 30th, and I'm hoping to do as much mountaineering as possible. I climbed Disappointment Cleaver and Coleman Deming last year and I'm looking to start getting on some more technical routes this summer (along the lines of Kautz Glacier). I'm comfortable leading WI3 and have been on some steeper snow climbs in Colorado. For the past few months I've been running ~60 miles per week plus hiking 3500'+ of gain with a weighted backpack twice a week so I feel pretty well trained for most routes and would be open to considering car-to-car attempts. An area I am not especially experienced in is glacial navigation. I have read a handful of books on the subject, but with the well traveled trails neither Rainier nor Baker provided many glacial navigation challenges, so this is something I'm hoping to work on. Not super picky about what we'd climb, just looking to gain some experience on more technical routes. I may also be interested in some easier alpine rock routes. Hit me up if you want to plan something, I'm totally flexible with what we climb and when. Ideally we could meet up before hand for a run/hike or day of cragging before getting on any larger objectives. Jared