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  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Jim Nelson’s reputation seems to be on the gruff side but considering his background that makes totally sense. Two thick socks... I only have 3 season boots (Scarpa Charmoz and Lowa Mtn Expert) this point, so I’m not sure that’ll be enough. I have not been to AAI shop In Bellingham. I may give it a try. Thanks for the tip! Perhaps because I’m a relative newbie to alpine stuff who doesn’t speak their lingo, I felt that some young bucks at a certain shop (which shall remain nameless) didn’t take me seriously. I’m sure experience would vary from shop to shop though.
  2. Headed down to Ecuador to do >5,000m climbs for the first time. I run cold even in the low lands, so thinking I should have double boots (that's what guide company recommends). Problem is that i have small feet (women's 7, wears Scarpa 38.5) and literally NOBODY carries size that small for any serious mountaineering boots, let alone doubles. Even online. Has anyone had good experience with local (i.e. Puget Sound area) shops who are willing to place special orders? Shops manned by "Bruhs" usually just shrug and say "don't have your size" and that's that. Any recommendation? Am thinking of LS G2SM or Scarpa Phantom 6000. Looking for warm yet light....
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