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  1. Hi all Me and my friend are coming to Washington in late September (weekend of 22nd). We are in mid-30s, fit, relatively experienced (Rainier, Shasta, Whitney, Hood, Mt. Blanc, Yosemite high sierra peaks etc) and want to climb Mt Baker. We are looking for a route that is the safest, fun, relatively easy and doesn't involve vertical rock climbing (we are fine using crampons/ice axe etc, but are NOT looking for technical rock climbing routes). We have experience of navigating through the glaciers. Hoping to get the wisdom of the group: 1. What route would you recommend for us to take this late season? 2. Is there any other mountain that you recommend us climbing instead? We figured that after Rainier, Mt. Baker is the next iconic WA peak to climb but if we missed something we'd appreciate the insights. Thanks!