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  1. Hey Climbers, this is Mike from Leavenworth Mountain Association. Beginning September 3 the Forest Service will enforce a permanent parking closure on Mountaineer Creek Road. Here is what you need to know. Beginning September 3rd there will be no parking along the road except in Eightmile and Stuart Lake Trailheads. There are no changes to the Enchantment permit system or any wilderness regulations. There is no restriction on how many people can enter, hike, climb or travel through the wilderness. Changing these rules would require public comment and collaboration. Campsites and parking on spur roads, like the Mountaineer Creek Bivy will remain open, and LMA will keep it's toilet there. There will be no restriction on driving on the road, shuttling, or dropping off passengers. Parking will be first-come, first served. Overnight permit holders will not be guaranteed a parking spot and will compete with other users. The Forest Service plans to educate the public, and enforce (ticket) people illegally parked as necessary. This parking ban does not effect Snow Creek Trailhead or Icicle Road. The reason given for the closure is that the toilets and garbage at the trailhead are unsanitary. Lack of access for emergency vehicles was also given as a reason. The Forest Service came to this decision in early summer but has not informed anyone until now. LMA promotes climbing access and environmental protection. We are concerned that this plan does not address these core issues in the Enchantments. We need to hear from the climbing community while we consider our response.