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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for partners for climbing this summer in the Cascades or doing Rainier/Adams this summer. My timeframe is open and tentative but looking to come there anytime for a WEEK or a bit more if hitting up multiple mountains in quick succession during June or July. I am interested in doing Shuksan, Adams, Rainier atleast (not all of them but some of them based on what partners decide) for now but open to suggestions from others and dependent on what others are interested too. Just want to get out to the west and climb some mountains and get experience. I am from Atlanta and will be travelling to Seattle April end for a mountaineering course up Mt. Baker, going to Mexico for Iztaccihuatl May end and hoping to fix a plan for Mt. Shasta via the Avalanche Gulch during June/July. Message me if interested in partnering up.
  2. Hi everybody, I am flying into Medford for the weekend from Atlanta for a previously scheduled climb with a local from the area on Shasta. He told me today that he has twisted his ankle and is unsure if he can join me on the climb. I don't have a rental car or anyone else I know in the area that can go for the climb with me. Would anyone from the area be free for a climb on Shasta or Hood? I can make my way to Portland via bus if need be. I have no way of going from Medford to Shasta so would appreciate a ride honestly. I can split costs if need be for something. At this point, I feel pretty fucked cause I have a lot of money put into this trip so I would like to make good use of the time and money. Please contact me ASAP at 404-428-8993 if you are free.
  3. Rainier in July

    I'll PM you