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  1. Denali 2019 partner wanted

    I am looking for one solid partner to head to Denali next year. I am not adverse to a team of up to 4, but would like to start with one good partner and build around that. I am 45 years old and have climbed in the Cascades for the past 15 years, to include all the volcanoes. A little about what I am looking for: · Someone local to Seattle (or no more than a couple hours away.) I live just north of Seattle and have found that coordinating out-of-state partners is very difficult. · West Buttress or Upper West Rib route · Skis preferred · Ability to communicate. Please reach out to me via pm with your phone number and e-mail. Expect a phone call within a few days. One of the biggest issues I’ve had is that people simply reply to a post saying, “I’m interested” with nothing more. A partnership requires two-way communication and not just me repeatedly trying to contact you. If you want to climb Denali next year and are looking for a partner, please give me a shout. You can call or text me at 425-659-5902, or e-mail at kevindenali2019@gmail.com. We will set up a December meet-and-greet hike and go from there. Kevin