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  1. Big Agnes Battle Mountain 3 New in box. $600 obo. 530 417 2 sicks sevvenn zeerow Located in bellingham wa
  2. Same, if its too long, cut it. Just hurts the resell value, but you can always buy a new strap anyways so who cares.
  3. Need a 3rd teammate for The Patrol Race in snoqualmie on Feb 23rd. My friend has bailed due to gear issues. https://www.mountaineers.org/locations-lodges/meany-lodge/event-details/patrol-race I'm an average bc skier in good shape and have a teammate whos super fit and into skimo so if you fit anywhere in or between those two categories and are interested text me! 53o-4I7-tooh-sicks-zeven-zeeroh
  4. Agreed, but still something Im curious about. Also curious if you could sit down on your ass and roll over to self arrest. Since glissading with skis on your back seems to not work at all, maybe it'd stop you before you got started lol. Not counting on it though. I don't put much confidence in self arrest with or without skis on my back for the record. My goal is not to fall in the first place.
  5. Searched all over the web. Haven't tried it myself since I've been worried about damaging my pack or skis. When booting/cramponing up a firm pitch of snow with your skis a-framed to your pack, and carrying an Ice Axe, do the skis make self arrest harder? If you fall onto your back will you even be able to roll over to self arrest? Would the brakes and edges dig in stopping you? Would they catch and just spin you around? Would diagonal carry be safer? Would horizontal carry (under brain of pack) make rolling over impossible? Really curious if anyone had real world knowledge or experience falling like this. I might try to borrow a pair of rock skis, use an old beater pack, wear a helmet and tons of padded clothing, and test it out myself in a safe spot this winter.
  6. 22 yo male.New to bellingham. Looking for touring partners. Will have a Baker pass. Also have reliable transportation but low clearance .Ski level intermediate-advanced. Have full setup and crampons/axe. Fitness level 4/5.Did adams st helens shasta and a couple others last spring, all on skis. All via easiest routes.Pretty confident in avy skills but really wanting to learn more.Hoping to find a couple fun partners who are chill and have personalities. Whiners... not invited. Most everything else goes, I just like to be in the mountains. I'm pretty conservative with avy risk and other hazards, and usually err on the side of caution. If you don't have avy training then we can stay out of avy terrain until you do. But aire class cert or equivelant preffered.530-417-tooh-sexx-svvn-zrohLast time I posted one of these someone sent me nudes. Please don't do that. I'm looking for actual ski partners haha.
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