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  1. sold! Like New Misty Mountain Cadillac Harness

    Otto, Unfortunately, this is sold now. I am not an ice climber either, but I am pretty sure the ice clipper slots are used for these types of clips to hold ice screws (https://www.rei.com/product/122224/black-diamond-ice-clipper).
  2. sold! Like New Misty Mountain Cadillac Harness

    Now asking $100 for this excellent harness!
  3. My wife got me this harness for Christmas, and it has sat in storage until this week when the weather finally improved. I did a bunch of research before buying, and got a large (I am right between two sizes). Unfortunately, it seems like I chose wrong, and need a smaller size. Since the harness was originally purchased in December, it is no longer eligible for exchange. Here is the link to the harness: https://mistymountain.com/shop/climbing/climbing-harnesses/cadillac/ Size: L Buckle type: Quick Adjust Color: Blue and Black Harness is in like new condition. I only wore it for one day of climbing, and never took a fall! It is super comfortable, and has legendary build quality and features. Current retail prices are around $145, asking $120 (I intend to reorder the same harness, just one size smaller).
  4. Leaving last week, found a backpack that looked like it had been rifled through and discarded. Some gear was inside. If it was yours, PM me with what might be inside and I will get it back to you!