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  1. Stolen Gear Bellingham

    There was a lot more gear than listed, but it’s a pretty long list. Thank you all again for the eyes out there!
  2. Stolen Gear Bellingham

    Hi, Had my window smashed in and a North Face duffel with my entire climbing rack stolen from the TH at Arroyo Park Trailhead in Bellingham, WA. (9/10/2018) Bag is a Med white/black/green duffel. Double rack of BD Cams, lockers, nuts, BD harness (blue momentum), BD shoes x2, chalk bag, aiders, hooks, peckers, micro traxion, tibloc, gri-gri, and ATC. All gear marked with either “Bright” or with Green and Red nail polish. If anyone sees this gear or gets offered any of this gear I would greatly appreciate a heads up! Thanks in advance! Angry Climber Colin Bright.